We are pleased to present you SHIMANI Smart Skincare: a new generation of anti-aging cosmetics. The Smart Skincare series contains our patented Chelate Repair Complex™, which stands between collagen fibres of the skin and prevents them from sticking, thus preventing wrinkles formation. Our product is the first on the world cosmetic market with such an advanced technology.



I have been working in the field of pharmacy and cosmetics for more than 16 years. I have often travelled to Africa and Asia and got acquainted with many local cosmetic products and ingredients. Ethiopia became my second home and each time I brought with me local ingredients with which I prepared cosmetic products for my family and friends according to Ethiopian recipes.

In my hectic daily life, however, I forgot more and more to pay attention to myself. As a result of the constant stress, my skin became dull and withered. I had to take immediate action if I didn’t want to grow old prematurely. One day I made the decision to leave my corporate career and together with a team of scientists, who have also developed products for NASA, we started creating a new product. Thus the SHIMANI Smart series was born. Our goal was to create a highly effective innovative skincare product without harmful ingredients.

With lots of love, dedication and care for people and nature, our team of professionals worked hard and long on the creation of SHIMANI Smart series. Our aim: to create a product that will help people like me, living in modern conditions, exposed to constant stress and polluted environment, to look beautiful, feel confident and have healthy and radiant skin.

The result for me from using SHIMANI products was that my skin regained its freshness and radiance. For us SHIMANI is not only a product, but a concept of well-being, harmony between inner and outer self, healthy life and self-confidence.

Along with the SMART series, we have created our 100% natural product range, which offers gentle care for dry and severely dehydrated skin.

We will be happy if you write us how you feel after using our products, tell us what new products you need. We are always ready to answer your questions and help you with your skincare!






I have always been interested in cosmetics, this is my passion. I became interested in marketing still at university, it was not my major, but I had such a subject and it was extremely interesting for me to study the behavior and psychology of buyers and sellers. Later I took extended courses in Digital Marketing and realized that I want to develop in this field. My meeting with Stacy, the Founder of SHIMANI, seemed fortunate. After she shared with me the idea of ​​creating a luxury cosmetic brand and offered me to be a part of it, one of my dreams came true. I am proud that SHIMANI is already a fact and I strongly believe in the quality and success of the brand!



Being a BDM means helping ideas break through, working with our creative team to scale the ideas, and figuring out where and when to put our work out so it’s recognised and valued.

The best part of the job is inspiring the team, keeping them up to date on what’s happening right now in the world, so our work could compare with the latest & greatest in the industry. It’s also my job to be wrong—to say the really silly ideas out loud to help spur the best ideas from the people I am inspired to work with every day. I am also addicted to really good espresso.



Very positive, highly motivated and believing that I can achieve everything I set out to do. I am from Nigeria and came to Bulgaria to study Aeronautical Engineering, but during the training I met Stacy, the Founder of SHIMANI and she offered me to become the face of the brand. I accepted with a great pleasure, because modelling is another passion of mine. Gradually, I began to participate more and more actively in the company’s activities, to find big customers, to sell many products and consequently I became a Key Account Manager. I am proud to be a part of this team and this brand!!



I grew up in California, USA. I have been working as a creative director and graphic designer for more than 10 years and I think I have a very broad point of view of the beauty industry. I was very passionate about the idea of ​​creating an innovative cosmetic brand at a world level and I accepted with a great pleasure to be part of the team. A lot of quality products are produced in Bulgaria and when they are presented properly, they can have an incredible success. I am sure that SHIMANI will become the favourite brand of many people around the globe!


SHIMANI Smart Skincare supports National Park Rescue www.nationalparkrescue.org. We donate 1 USD from the sale of each product to the foundation.

30,000 elephants, rhinos and lions are killed every year. In the last 100 years over 4.5 mil of of these animals have been slaughtered by poaching and hunting, leaving just 5% alive.

National Park Rescue focuses on protecting elephants in troubled national parks.

2 brave and dedicated men, Niall McCann, PhD Conservation Biology and Director and Mark Hiley, Operation Director, started the rescue operation in Chizarira National Park in March 2018. When they moved into Chizarira, the park was in a severely degraded state, it once had 3,500 elephants and only 400 were left.

The good news is that since the operation began, not a single elephant has been poached in Chizarira National Park.

What is happening with wildlife in Africa is a catastrophe and if we do not act responsibly now, future generations will see these animals in pictures only. If urgent measures are not taken immediately, elephants, rhinos and lions have about 10 years to extinction.

NPR needs urgent help. We must all work together to save the last elephants.

You can donate on-line at www.nationalparkrescue.org

The organization keeps all contributors up to speed with where the money is being spent and stays in regular contact with them.