You may have come across the so famous facial massages on social media lately. There are numerous videos of massage techniques that you can do at home with a variety of tools, but definitely Rollers and Gua Sha, made of semi-precious stones are the most popular trend. These tools were actually used in ancient times in China, but are now gaining popularity around the world and more and more people are using them and realize their benefits.


In the past, they have been used mainly to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage. However, Rollers and Gua Sha have many other skin benefits that many people like and take advantage of:

Reducing scars  – massage with these tools, when done with appropriate techniques, significantly reduces the scars on the skin and makes it suppler and smoother.

Eliminating face puffiness – regular face massage makes skin much fresher and removes tired and puffy appearance.

Increasing blood circulation – the massage with the tools increases blood flow, eliminating toxins and improving the overall appearance of the skin. The skin will look brighter and healthier.

Smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines – one of the most significant benefits of these tools is that they have an amazing anti-aging effect. They even out the skin, make it suppler and visibly reduce wrinkles. Therefore, these tools are very suitable for people over 35.

Enhancing the effect of a serum or a cream – it is advisable to put your favourite product on your face every time before a massage, as the massage helps it to penetrate much deeper and have a greater effect. In such a way it is also easier to slide the instrument around the skin.

Reducing stress and anxiety – research shows that massage with semi-precious stone tools increases vibration and reduces tension, anxiety and depression, which are one of the main causes of wrinkles and tired appearance.


The benefits listed above are valid for both tools. That’s why the difference depends on your preferences and your daily beauty ritual.

A roller is the “faster” option, as it is enough to cool it in the freezer for 20 minutes and then do few slides to reduce skin puffiness and help products penetrate deeper.

Gua Sha is designed for a deeper experience and reaches the deeper layers of the skin. There are numerous videos of Gua Sha techniques of not only how to contour your face, but also how to massage your neck and shoulders. This is a spa ritual that you can do yourself at home.

No matter which of the two tools you choose, if you use them at least 2-3 times a week, you will notice that your skin has a healthier, radiant look.

We recommend that on the days when you do not have so much free time, to use the roller for 2-3 minutes in the evening before going to bed, so you can wake up with a fresh and radiant skin. And on your days off, at least once a week, do a deeper massage with Gua Sha that will relax your facial muscles and relieve accumulated tension.


  1. Put the Roller / Gua Sha for 20 minutes in the freezer. Apply your favourite SHIMANI product on the face and neck.
  2. Start by sliding and lightly pushing your chin out and up to your ears to increase blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Do this with every part of your face, following the rule from the inside out and up. You can visit the relevant tools pages on our site and find videos with the techniques.
  3. Consider what parts of your face need more attention and focus a little longer on them. For example, if you suffer from bags under your eyes, massage this area longer. The result will be visible!


Rollers and Gua Sha are definitely the most famous massage tools. But there are a variety of such, depending on your individual preferences. Eye masks, face masks and mushrooms also have great skin effect and take care of specific problems. SHIMANI has a variety of such products and if you have not tried any of them yet, you can follow the link to see and find the right one for you. We guarantee you that the result will impress you!

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